Matchaful Kiwami 100 Grams

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Ceramonial Matcha is best for sipping as a tea or latte. Matcha is high in balancing L-theanine and has a smooth, naturally sweet, and creamy flavor.

Kiwami means “ultimate” or “extreme.” As such, our Kiwami matcha is our highest grade of matcha. It comes from single-cultivar tea leaves, ground from hand-picked tea leaves of the renowned Okumidori cultivar in Shizuoka, Japan. The Okumidori cultivated tea variety is very ideal for making into matcha. Our Kiwami matcha has a balanced umami flavor, with tasting notes of floral, honey, and cream. It is the best matcha we’ve ever tasted.

Each purchase donates 1% back to the planet.

This matcha is pesticide-free, ground from first-harvest tea leaves grown on a single estate — because we believe you should know where your matcha’s been and the journey it took to get to you, farm-to-whisk™.

STORY: Matcha grows through the winter, and for the final 3-4 weeks of growth, it’s shaded — this is part of the traditional matcha-making process that gives matcha its umami flavor and rich green color. What’s special about this matcha is that it’s grown in a really special way: we know the exact farm that provided 100% of the matcha in this tin (aka it’s not a blend), and the necessary shade is provided by solar panels that generate power for nearby cities. Plus, it’s pesticide free and only uses organic food scraps as organic fertilizer that is produced by the local community to maintain a closed-loop system.

FLAVOR: Floral | Cream | Honey Refreshing fragrance with a hint of natural sweetness.


  • High concentration of chlorophyll, a natural detoxifier and liver-cleanser
  • High concentration of L-theanine, which calms the mind and improves focus
  • 34mg of caffeine per cup provide an energy boost without the crash
  • Packed with EGCg, which has been linked to faster metabolism, brain health, and reduced risk of cancer and diabetes
  • It’s delicious!

Vital Nutritionals favorite recipe:

1.5 cups unsweetened Oat Milk or Macadamia Nut Milk

1-2 Medjool Dates

2 tsp Matcha

1/2 teaspoon spirulina

Blend and serve over ice.

Optionals: Splash of vanilla, or topped with chia seeds or cinnamon.

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