Creep is, Well, Creepy


Ever get up from a chair and it takes you several steps or even several minutes to walk off the stiffness? Trouble getting out of bed in the morning? Does standing too long while cooking or washing the dishes make your body ache? Do you have back pain for no real reason? You likely have an issue with creep.

An Object Not In Motion

Not changing position every 20 minutes could be your problem. Sitting is the new smoking according to an article from ABC news. You might be asking if this is for real. Static position seems to have a connection to cardiovascular consequences, diabetes and a pain condition caused by creep.

The Hijack

What goes wrong and what the heck is Creep? Creep is the tendency of a material to slowly deform permanently under the influence of a mechanical stress. The stress can be as gentle as sitting (Prolonged lumbar flexion)  several hours at a time several days per week for years. Pay attention desk jockeys. Over time your body can start to change and the change could be permanent leading to chronic pain.


The Hack

How to we prevent this? Take steps before creep starts to creep in! If you are in a static position standing, sitting, curled in the fetal position sleeping etc, make an effort to change position every 20 minutes. Get a standing desk to alternate between sitting and standing, take mini breaks to walk around, use an anti-fatigue mat or a fidget mat, take phone meetings walking around, get on the floor and stretch, use your doorway to do standing stretching, twist your body, look at the ceiling, and repeat. Be more fidgety! It may make you feel better.

Healing from creep may need more than just behavioral changes. Drink more water. Eat more veggies for their vitamins and minerals. Add in supplements to decease pain and aid in healing like Curcumin or Quercertin.


The Take Home

How important is this really? You can actually develop a sprain-like-injury to your ligaments, tissues, capsules, and discs from this type of immobility. This tissue damage can lead to pain, muscle spasms, decreased mobility, lost time at work, inability to be active, trouble playing with the kids or grand kids, inability to hike, bike or swim! And the more you hold the same position the longer it takes to heal. Your desk job may result in an injury that takes days or weeks to heal just like the injuries from a low impact car accident, a twisted ankle or a slip and fall on ice . So move people, however you can, move!

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