Fighting the common cold and flu

Changes in human ecology like global climate change and increase in movement of people around the world has led to an increase in viral infections. Viruses tend to have a high mutation rate making the efficacy of vaccines limited.  In the bacterial world there are mutators and hypermutators. And there is evidence that when a virus exists with a bacteria there may be an increase in mutations.  Natural remedies best keep up with all these changes and make great complements to conventional remedies.

There is some truth that a cold or flu needs to take its course and that it will last as long as it lasts.  Certainly products like painkillers, DayQuil and commercial nasal sprays may make you feel better but they won’t knock out your cold faster.

What Works

Probiotics, vitamin A, Vitamin D and proboost are top shelf recommendations.


I recommend Sacro B 1 pill daily. It is a beneficial yeast that induces humoral immunity which means it improves the immune system function. A second probiotic is recommended to activate a white blood cell called natural killer cells and adaptive immune response.  One of the Klaire Labs probiotics is great choice. If you are sensitive to probiotics, have SIBO or are sensitive in general then use a spore based probiotic.  Spore based probiotics are better tolerated and shelf stable.  Use 1-2 pills over 5-10 days of these probiotics, then 1 pill daily for general support.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D also supports immune function and lowers pro-inflammatory cytokines . Higher vitamin D levels correlate with decreased risk of viral lung infections. Vitamin D is associated with serum IgG3 and IgM which are associated with acute and long term germ fighting. Take 5,000 iu during the dark months of the year and about 1,000 iu, if necessary, during the light month. If you develop a cold most adults can take 50,000 iu once at the beginning and follow with 5,000 iu daily.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A supports first line defense IgA and also support IgG4. IgA is associated with Mucoasal or gut immunity and IgG4 is associated with long term immunity.  It also is immune modulating which is important in illnesses that can cause damage due to strong immune reaction like measles and other viruses.  Take 50,000 – 100,000 u of Vitamin A one time then take 25,000 u vitamin A 1 time per week for 2 weeks.  Since some people cannot convert beta carotene into vitamin A make sure you are supplementing actual Vitamin A and not beta carotene.


Proboost is a cloned cell line of the thymus gland. The thymus is a major immune organ.  T cells, a white blood cell, are made in the bone marrow and they travel to the thymus to mature. As we age the thymus glands is less functional and that can lead to decreased immune function.  Proboost helps off set this. I recommend using proboost 1 packet 3 times per day under the tongue x 4-5 days at the onset of the cold or flu, 1 packet 3 times per day x 3 days if exposed to the cold or flu and 1 packet 1-3 times daily before during and after a flight.

Supportive life style habits

Not matter what the illness, rest, sleep, hydration, nutrition (broths, etc) are very important. Other treatments may be helpful including elderberry, vitamin C and other herbs, but use caution that you are not taking too many supplements which could lead to diarrhea and other issues.

Always call your doctor or a triage nurse at the emergency department if any symptoms are concerning or if you are struggling to breath. All suggestions are to be discussed with your doctor prior to use.

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