Vital Nutritionals for Overall Health

Vital Nutritionals offers the highest quality supplements. These products are hand picked by physicians and purchased directly from the supplement company itself so you can be sure that you are getting what is on the label. The Vital Nutritionals team knows how important this is in the current climate of online sales and the concern regarding copy-cat products, selling of re-labled expired products and fraudulent sales of products from other sites.

Why Vital Nutritionals

We aren’t just providing quality products, but we are also providing quality information.  Are supplements really needed? Can’t I just get what I need from food? Well, that is the goal. But, if farmers are not doing proper crop rotation to keep the soil nutrient dense or if they are using pesticides your food suffers and can have a lower nutrient value.

Here is a great example. Brazil nuts are known for their high selenium content. But the amount of selenium can vary drastically based on where the nut was grown. Basically, grow it in selenium poor soil and it will have less selenium than a nut grown in selenium rich soil. Not all nuts are created equal! The same is true about all of our food. Grow it on nutrient dense soil and you get nutrient dense food. Grow it on nutrient poor soil and you get nutrient poor food.   Eat well and supplement only when needed.

Vital Nutritional Supplements that Work

With supplements such as essential fatty acids, minerals, vitamins and phytochemicals, you are enriching the internal environment in your body. Not only does this support cell renewal, but it also helps protect and repair. Getting your body back into balance helps with energy, well being and supports mood.

What Vital Nutritional Supplements Can Do For You

Chosen using extensive research and clinical effectiveness all products at Vital Nutritionals are handpicked by doctors. Stress, processing environmental toxins/ allergens/ medications, eating nutrient poor foods, having chronic disease or certain genetic SNPs can lead to you needing more of certain nutrients for your body to function properly. Vital Nutritionals can help you restore balance.

Vital Nutritional Supplements For a Healthier You

Diet, exercise, and proper nutrition really are the foundations of health. When you combine all three into your daily routine you are creating an excellent base to build off of to live a vital life. We can supply what you are missing. Order your Vital Nutritional supplements today and start feeling better tomorrow. If you have questions you can visit our Ask A Question section or visit our Treatment Notebook for additional ideas.

The Take Home: Swallowing a large amount of supplements is not necessarily good for you. Carefully chosen supplement, taken at certain times, combined with lifestyle choices is a smarter way to go and we can help you be successful.

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