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1-MNA, which stands for 1-methylnicotinamide, is a natural byproduct of nicotinic acid and nicotinamide, both primary variants of vitamin B3. Research indicates that 1-MNA plays a role in supporting the health of the vascular endothelium and the cardiovascular system. Given its potential in minimizing the onset of atherosclerosis, it’s considered beneficial as a dietary supplement, especially for older individuals.


How does 1-MNA work?

The primary way 1-MNA functions is by moderating the activities of vascular endothelial cells and ensuring the stability of their secretion processes. The endothelial cells that line our blood vessels do more than just guide blood; they have a profound influence over the entire vascular network. Essentially, the endothelium is akin to a dynamic metabolic and endocrine organ. Ensuring its optimal operation is pivotal for a healthy cardiovascular system.

When the endothelium malfunctions, it disrupts this delicate balance, paving the way for various cardiovascular issues and complications. This dysfunction can also influence other systems, potentially leading to conditions like diabetes, as well as disorders affecting the gastrointestinal, liver, and kidney functions. 1-MNA’s interaction with the vascular endothelial cells prompts them to release a natural compound called prostacyclin (PGI2). PGI2 is notable for being a potent natural inhibitor of blood platelet aggregation. It possesses both anticoagulant and anti-atherosclerotic attributes. Without enough PGI2, there’s a higher risk of platelets clumping together, forming artery-blocking clots. Additionally, PGI2 might play a role in decreasing the concentration of pro-inflammatory agents in the blood.

1-MNA’s encouragement of PGI2 production results in diminished inflammatory indicators (like high sensitivity C-reactive protein; hsCRP, Tumour Necrotic Factor-α; TNF-α, and interleukin 4; IL-4). This aids in safeguarding the cardiovascular system from issues like blood clot formation, vascular atherosclerosis, inflammation, and related ailments.

Globally, 1-MNA is recognized as a cutting-edge, patented molecule.

Usage: 1 capsule daily as recommended by your Physician

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